Chris Frederick Willis is founder and CEO of Media 1, experts in aligning people, performance, and technology to achieve business goals. Since 1993, Media 1 has been a key strategic component in the success of a wide range of performance improvement initiatives involving widely dispersed work teams from some of the world’s largest technology, retail, and consumer products companies.

A recognized authority on corporate learning and performance improvement, Chris is a regular industry conference presenter, has authored articles for the eLearning Guild and Training Magazine, and been published in Dr Michael Allen’s eLearning Annual. She also is the recipient of numerous individual and business awards, and was most recently a Grand Rapids Business Journal EPIC award finalist. The EPIC award recognizes businesses and individuals that demonstrate Entrepreneurial growth, support Progressive community initiatives, are Innovative, and have worked with others as mentors and Collaborators.

Chris takes an appreciative approach to performance improvement. She believes that most organizations already possess the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, and she feels it is the mission of Media 1 to capture that potential and put it to work for measurable results. You can follow Chris’s unique perspective on the changing face of corporate work on our Media1derland blog.