Cultivating a Healthy Business Performance Ecosystem


It used to be simple: if you had a business performance problem, you delivered training to show people what to do, then put technology in place to help them do it better. Not anymore. Today, your customers are increasingly driving business strategy in ways you no longer control. And your people require much more than periodic training courses to be able to react to dynamic market pressures with the agility business needs. Training today must be as dynamic as the market. You need to offer fast-paced learning experiences driven by solid strategy and woven through daily interactions with collaborative work, so your people can take an active role in co-creating winning business outcomes. Create a hypothesis. Deliver quick learning Xperiences. Measure results. Learn what works, then do more of that.

How it Works

Experts in learning and performance have long called for a need to align training with business strategy. Media 1 believes alignment isn’t enough. Training, when done right, plays an active role in defining, testing, and refining business strategy, creating a dynamic Business Performance Ecosystem.

Here’s what that looks like:

In traditional organizational and learning and performance models, The Voice of the Customer is rarely considered, and that’s short sighted. We view the customer as the catalyst, represented in our model as the sun, which powers the entire Business Performance Ecosystem. In a learning and performance context, we chose Customer Dynamics to describe the market forces driven by customer and shareholder behavior. Organizations measure these behaviors through market performance, consumer research, sales stats, and direct interaction with customer service and social channels. Savvy companies rely on this Voice of the Customer to inform all business Strategy, including learning and development.

To implement Strategy, companies rely on a number of proven Performance Improvement interventions, including process improvement, technology, and performance support systems. When done right, these interventions provide Performance Measures as analytics and KPIs. Measures offer visibility into the strategic Results gleaned through cumulative performance improvement efforts. By uncovering which interventions yield better results, the organization gains valuable insight into the performance investments that pay greatest dividends.

Armed with proven strategies that work, Training can now be put to work to convert knowledge into practice across the organization. Brief Learning eXperiences target individual competencies and behaviors, and spark new Ideas. People interact with each other and work together to Co-Create and Innovate solutions and offerings that push the organizational Strategy to the next level, and drive further Performance Improvement.

The cycle continues with the next injection of customer interaction and feedback, creating a continuous, self-sustaining flow of business improvement and measurable growth.