Our Media1ders are dedicated, career learning professionals who have been delivering learning to enterprise workers since 1993.


We understand how people work, how they learn, and what motivates them. Here’s what you can expect when you engage the Media 1 team to strengthen your Business Performance Ecosystem.


Performance of your business is driven by the performance of your workforce. Media 1 relies on a proven performance model that takes a holistic view of your entire performance ecosystem. We will show you when and where training will be most effective or situations where persuasive communications, job aids, or decisions tools would be a more effective – and often cost-saving – option for driving the outcomes your business needs.


The problem with most workforce learning is that it is delivered away from where the work is done, in long courses that are difficult to recall when the time comes to put the learning into practice. That’s precisely why modular microlearning fits so well in today’s complex, distributed Business Performance Ecosystem. Media 1 will show you how to Upcycle your existing cumbersome, ineffective eLearning courses into interactive learning Xperiences that can be delivered within the flow of daily work.


Ensuring a library of eLearning courses stays current is no easy challenge. Over the past two decades, we’ve helped clients get started in eLearning and develop strategies for keeping their Business Performance Ecosystem updated to meet current business needs. This is the perfect time to deconstruct old courses into microlearning components and look at creative innovative new learning experiences that support today’s pressing business needs. Have you considered a Flipped Classroom approach? How about a collaborative cohort program? Media 1 will help you upcycle ineffective, outdated learning titles into engaging, interactive learning Xperiences that work.


A complex Business Performance Ecosystem can be subtly out of balance for quite some time before the full organization recognizes the impact. Knowing how to best invest learning dollars is an important component of business strategy. We call that a return on investment in your people, or Return On People for short. We promise learning solutions that take a holistic view to your business strategy, provide transparent accountability between leadership and workers, and help you measure the outcomes that matter.