Extending the Life of Your “Light Bulbs”

In an unforgettable conversation that took place years ago, an overworked department manager told me he views his team like a box of light bulbs. If they burn out or don’t fit, he just got HR to replace them with in a new one. Once my horrified look subsided, I had a “few” thoughts to share with him. Let’s just say that neither one of us will ever forget my lengthy lecture that immediately followed this comment.

Measuring the Costs of HR

Having spent over two decades in a Human Resources role or developing solutions for Human Resources, I have always struggled when making budget comparisons for HR to any other department within the organization. I often wondered why the HR budget is so pale in comparison to my peers. When I asked, I was always provided with scripted excuses in response to my inquiries: “HR is overhead,” “we are not a revenue generator,” etc. All of those answers left me either scratching or shaking my head.

Cohort Programs: The Killer App for Social Learning

An increasing desire to incorporate social media in corporate learning has garnered lot of attention at recent conferences and in trade publications. Many early efforts have borrowed from consumer social media models such as Facebook and YouTube. Early adopters rushed to co-opt various social media look-alikes in closed networks behind the corporate firewall. Media 1 has even helped with a few of these implementations using SharePoint™-based solutions.