The Integrated Learning Manifesto

Corporate learning has too long been dictated by old paradigms. Over the last decade, the focus has remained on saving cost and pushing knowledge to a global workforce through disparate learning events – courses. Today a course may be delivered as self-paced online learning (WBT) or instructor led via a virtual classroom or webinar, but the underlying learning model for most corporate learners remains the same as it has been for decades. When it’s time to participate in a learning event, learners visit a Learning Management System (LMS) as the enterprise learning hub. The LMS follows a traditional classroom model for registering from a catalog of courses, recording learner progress, and reporting to management.

Your New Role: Learning Content Curator

In the June 21 edition of Learning Solutions magazine, Rick Wilson throws down the gauntlet and admonishes eLearning designers and developers, saying Learning Content Is Not Your Job Any More. Wilson states that until recently, “As learning professionals we fostered the belief that content prepared for learning environments stands apart from other content … and, we managed to get away with this concept about the significance of learning content because adult education bestowed a particular credence on the content’s worth [by labeling it a] ‘course.’

A Great SCORM Explanation

I’ve learned a lot working here at Media 1, but when Harrison recently suggested that everyone at Media 1 should have a basic understanding of SCORM, I had to sheepishly admit that I needed to be brought up to snuff. As someone with a different background than instructional design and eLearning, I only had a…