On Onboarding: An Excerpt from Thoughts from Learning 2011

The following is an excerpt on onboarding from Thoughts from Learning 2011, originally published November 18, 2011.

In the several sessions that I attended about onboarding at Learning 2011, I was pleased to see a real recognition and connection between the onboarding experience and long-term retention of employees. There are a few companies that are recognizing the needs of their newest employees, but there are still far too many people who treat onboarding like an event that is completed in short order. Orientation is an event that is part of the learning experience that is onboarding.


Extending the Life of Your “Light Bulbs”

In an unforgettable conversation that took place years ago, an overworked department manager told me he views his team like a box of light bulbs. If they burn out or don’t fit, he just got HR to replace them with in a new one. Once my horrified look subsided, I had a “few” thoughts to share with him. Let’s just say that neither one of us will ever forget my lengthy lecture that immediately followed this comment.


Measurement, Part I: Trust

Every conference I’ve been to in the past year… scratch that. Every conference I’ve EVER been to has had a major focus on measurement. There have been various measurement trends through the years, but recently I’ve seen some shifts that make me hopeful that corporations may actually make some progress in making and taking measurements that actually matter.
This will be the first in a series of blog posts exploring different aspects of measurement—including the importance of trust, motivation, compliance, shifting to business-based measurement, individual measurement, and measurement and its role in budget negotiations.
First up: let’s talk about the importance of trust.