Emerging Leaders – Flipped Classroom Experience

Business Challenge

AVON’s original leadership development program was designed in a two week, instructor-led seminar format. The program was cumbersome to schedule and expensive to deliver globally, plus required too much time away from work for busy managers. Consequently, the program hadn’t been delivered consistently, and in some regions not at all. AVON recognized developing emerging leaders in growing global markets was crucial to success of their global performance improvement efforts. This prompted AVON to contact Media 1 to co-create an innovative new approach leadership development. Goals Media 1 consulted with AVON to refine the following solution goals:

  • Assess current leadership readiness of existing employees to target training to critical areas of need
  • Identify and attack current cultural barriers to leadership development
  • Optimize training time and greatly diminish time away from the job
  • Increase training relevance and “stickiness” with on the job stretch assignments
  • Deliver an innovative learning solution that would excite and empower new leaders; ensure learner engagement

Using our ARRAE Process, Media 1 interviewed a sample of cross-functional global stakeholders to uncover current barriers to leadership performance, and identify enablers (existing strengths and resources) we could weave into the new program to support Emerging Leaders. Based on Media 1 methodology, the overall course objectives followed three main focus areas:

  • Know your Business
  • Know your Role
  • Know your Self

In order to meet the needs of a busy global audience, we adopted a multi-week Flipped Classroom approach. Participants were grouped into cohorts by region, and kicked off with a facilitated virtual classroom session. Each week featured an Activation (introduction) and Reinforcement introducing that week’s objective, delivered as either self-paced online learning or via a facilitated virtual classroom. Each week concluded with a practice and feedback Application exercise, where participants were assigned to put that week’s learning into practice on the job. Completing course activities would require no more than a couple hours total each week. The highlight of the 12 week program was a 2.5 day facilitated, face to face Capstone session.



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At the time of this writing, AVON was in process of rolling out their new Emerging Leader program globally, with the following benefits:

  • Dramatic time reduction from original 2 week facilitated “boot camp” seat time
    • Weekly lessons (minus capstone) worked out to less than 40 hours total, accumulated over 12 weeks.
    • Time out of office was limited to the 2.5 day Capstone
  • Weekly on the Job practice increased relevance, and provided on the job experience with coaching and feedback from program cohorts and facilitators
  • Regional facilitators and business coaches were able to easily modify and/or localize the program based on unique business needs and resources

Upcycled and repurposed program assets kept the total multi-week program design and development budget within range of a sophisticated, multi-week online learning course.