Enterprise Storage, Servers, Networking (ESSN)

Business Challenge

The Enterprise Storage, Servers, and Networking (ESSN) division at HP supports over 10,000 sales people, selling 1,000s of products to 100s of companies around the world. HP knows that sales people sell what they know best, but needed balance time spent learning about products vs. time spent engaging with customers.


Media 1 consulted with HP to define the following solution goals:

  • Gauge a sales person’s readiness to sell products in the marketplace
  • Optimize training time
  • Prioritize targeted training; make that training easily accessible at the right time
  • Track training consumption aligned with business priorities
  • Enable strategic adjustments to sales training
  • Deliver an innovative learning solution that would excite the sales team; ensure user adoption
Media 1 Solution

HP engaged Media 1 to use our ARRAE Process to flesh out preliminary solution requirements and establish baseline measurement criteria. We quickly analyzed HP’s business requirements and processes then designed a comprehensive SmartPortal solution that would allow sales people to quickly find, prioritize, and consume training relevant to their specific market and customer base. To increase sales team adoption, learning paths are “gamified” with badges awarded for completing learning courses and cumulative milestones. Additionally, business leaders and managers of sales people can track learner accomplishments real time, allowing them to monitor progress and gauge readiness for product launches.


explainervideo  Explainer Video           smartportal  SmartPortal


elearning  eLearning                     virtualclass  Virtual Classroom

blendedlearn  Blended Learning        sociallearn  Social Learning

gamification  Gamification                 mobile  Mobile


Within the first quarter upon release of this solution, HP recognized a significant reduction in the time it takes its sales people to complete training, increased readiness, and accelerated time to market:

  • Sellers who complete the program in 30 days or less, yield on average 148% of quota achievement. Those who complete the program in 60 days or less, yield 124% of quota.
  • Compliance with key sales competency programs showed measurable business benefits.
  • Consultative sales competencies yielded 6% improvement in quota performance and 3% improvement in deal quality (profitability).
  • Sales management competencies yielded an 8% improvement in quota performance for their sales teams.
  • Proven competencies yielded a +50% internal executive promotion rate.