When you download The Return on People eBook, you’ll quickly see that the cautionary tales, the best practices, and practical steps to start piloting now are all aimed at the C-Suite. Effective Return On People (ROP) strategy must be a leadership mandate. It requires looking at your organization holistically. It requires challenging the structure and role of HR, and breaking down silos, physical and artificial, that are barriers to business agility in a global economy.


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ROP Maturity is a both a process and a philosophy. In order to achieve higher Return On People, your organization must be willing to fundamentally change the way it measures its workforce and view its people as a financial asset, not a liability. It must thrive on rapid change, and recognize that agility is now a basic survival skill. The Return on People eBook will open your eyes to steps you can begin to take today in order to get there.

Please share The Return on People eBook with someone in your organization whose title begins with “C.”

Maybe start with the Chief HR Officer (CHRO), who not only understands the value of your people, but who, along with the Chief Information Officer (CIO), owns much of the people data that feeds Workforce Analytics.

Your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will be interested in how the analytics side of ROP provides visibility to Key Performance Indicators and takes some of the voodoo out of the softer side of Human Capital Investment.

Your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will appreciate the clarity and actionable strategy that the ROP Maturity model offers for improving business performance in the short term and guiding better long term decisions in a volatile market.

Meanwhile, whatever your role, if you happen to be one of those people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo, go ahead. Take a risk. Catch a ride on a rising wave and become an ROP evangelist. Spread the word. Someday you can remind everyone that you knew about ROP first.

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