Your people work in a complex Business Performance Ecosystem with rapidly changing outside threats and competing priorities.


Media 1 is the team to call when one size fits all, off-the-shelf training can’t deliver the results you need. Our innovative approach to multimedia learning goes beyond the traditional corporate learning solutions offered by other eLearning vendors. Through two decades of supporting large, global enterprise customers and their people, we’ve developed a unique approach for curating and upcycling learning assets from unexpected sources and in fresh ways to achieve today’s fast-paced business goals. We understand how people work, how they learn, and what motivates them. We are experts in learning development and delivery technologies. We will partner with you to design targeted, custom learning solutions and help you measure the outcomes that drive your strategy.

Web-Based Training (WBT)

Business is global. So are your people. How do you deliver learning and development to meet vastly different needs across multiple borders and time zones? Media 1 will show you how to creatively supplement the tools you already have to develop a sustainable and effective global Business Performance Ecosystem.

Ask us about our LearningMedia Toolbox.


Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

When the subject of your training involves skills for developing interpersonal relationships – such as sales, leadership, or customer service — your people really do learn best from other people. But sending teams to a multi-day offsite Boot Camp is prohibitively costly and largely ineffective. Media 1 will help you take a holistic look at your learning and performance goals. We’ll show you when facilitated learning makes the most sense, and how you can creatively use virtual learning and secure social media to bring your people together at the right place and times to learn from each other. Go beyond slides and guides and facilitate greater performance.

 Ask us about our spin on the Flipped Classroom approach.



Blended Learning & Performance Support

Are you rolling out an enterprise software application? Launching a new Sales model? Guiding a shift in business strategy? You need to effectively align people, process, and technologies across your entire Business Performance Ecosystem, and traditional training alone isn’t enough. Media 1 relies on a proven performance model to assess where you are today, and how to get your people where they need to go. We take stock of the resources you currently have available (enablers) and things that are getting in the way (barriers). Bring everything together to engage your workforce as positive change agents, and speed time to productivity.

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